6.5 Weeks to Go

I ran 18 miles last Saturday, on one of the most beautiful days we’ve had so far this year. It was a relatively decent run – I felt great for the first two-thirds of it.  But I underestimated the weather and the length of time it would take to run that far.  I didn’t bring water, thinking I’d find water fountains – which I did, but none of them were turned on (a wintertime precaution, I’m sure).  So this week I’ll be investing in a camelback of some sort to prevent future dehydration issues! I did, however, sample an organic fuel and felt like it helped, so I’ll be shopping for a few more of those as well.

South Platte

South Platte River

From a pile of snow on my head last week, to a painful sunburn this week. Gotta love the crazy Colorado weather!



Jaime and I have another training running scheduled: 20 miles on April 19th.  I feel like I just need a few more of these long runs to build my endurance, and then I’ll be ready to go the full 26(.2).  It’s weird realizing how far that is.  For example, we live off of Main Street in Old Town Littleton, and it’s basically equivalent to running from my house to Red Rocks Amphitheater and back.  Nuts! While I’ve been enjoying the experience, learning a lot about myself and long-distance training, I honestly don’t know if I would sign up for a marathon again solely due to the time commitment.  The rest of my Saturday last week was spent recovering from an exhausting morning run and was sore all day Sunday!  But then again, I hear this kind of stuff (racing, training, etc.) can be addicting…never say “never” I suppose! 🙂

I’m thrilled to share that I have received another corporate sponsorship, this time from New Hope for the Brain.  Dr. Glenda Lippmann and Dr. Penny Montgomery run this facility in Lakewood, focusing on early dementia, traumatic brain injuries, and post traumatic stress disorder.  They combine state-of-the-art brain wave evaluation and training for individuals dealing with these issues, along with psychological support for families and caregiver.  At this time, they are accepting volunteers for a pilot study involving Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy for brain function.  For more information about their organization or the study, you can email them: info@newhopeforthebrain.com or call 720.999.0609.
Thanks for the support, ladies!


One thought on “6.5 Weeks to Go

  1. Maria Martinez says:

    So sorry to that photo of your back. Wow Woman Warrior you are Liz.

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